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Purchase a Freedom Platinum Voucher
Freedom Platinum Vouchers can be used on a group flight at any location and at any scheduled date, with no restrictions.

Freedom Vouchers can be used on any scheduled date and at any of our 3 stunning launch site locations. This provides voucher holders with the maximum flexibilty to book their flight when it is convenient to them, be it weekends, Bank Holidays or midweek. Freedom Platinum Vouchers are our only flight vouchers that are refundable, subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Our balloon flight vouchers are valid for two flying seasons (up to 2 years). We carry out our scheduled flights from April to September each year, and flights during the winter months on a standby basis. Our flight schedule is always published in advance, commencing on the 1st March.

Note that if additional vouchers are purchased at a later date, the multiple person discount will still apply!

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