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Hot Air Balloon Advertising

Special shape Hot Air Balloons

Irish Balloon Flights is your ideal advertising partner! Let us design an amazing advertising solution for your brand!

Special Shape Balloons are only limited by your imagination! You will see some examples below of different characters and brands depicted in a fashion that the public cannot ignore! The form of special shape balloons are designed by computer and they are fully airworthy aircraft. Special Shape balloons are always the crowd's favourite when they attend events or are seen flying in the air.

Some Special Shape Balloons are up to 180 feet tall (how many stories is that?!?) and tower over their regular-shaped cousins. If it's really something different that you want to promote your product, contact us for a no-obligation design and quotation.

If you are planning a festival or event,Irish Balloon Flights have a number of Regular and Special Shape Balloons that we can display at your event or function...such as Sonic the Hedgehog, a Michelin Bibendum, or a Coffee Jar. Check our EVENTS page for more details.

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